1. In males, the penis becomes erect during which phase of the sexual response cycle?

2. According to Masters and Johnson, the resolution phase is more gradual and less abrupt in women when
A.they do not experience orgasm.
B.they do not experience arousal.
C.they experience a sexual aversion.
D.they have experienced multiple orgasms.

3. A man who is physically masculine but considers himself a woman and would like to live as a woman is a(n)

4. Of those listed below, the least common variety of sexual dysfunction for women is
C.orgasmic disorder.
D.sexual arousal disorder.

5. A male diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction is least likely to be diagnosed with
A.erectile disorder.
B.orgasmic disorder.
C.premature ejaculation.
D.all of the above are experienced by about 10% of men.

6. William, who is having his first affair, is a 20-year-old man who has gone to see a sex therapist about a sexual dysfunction problem. What is William most likely suffering from?
A.sexual aversion
B.inhibited ejaculation
C.premature ejaculation
D.hypoactive sexual desire

7. Studies have shown that the rate of male erectile disorder is about
A.5%, or about the same as the rate of female sexual arousal disorder.
B.5%, or about half the rate of female sexual arousal disorder.
C.10%, or about the same as the rate of female sexual arousal disorder.
D.10%, or about half the rate of female sexual arousal disorder.

8. According to Masters and Johnson, performance anxiety may result in a man
A.failing to break a "snap gauge" band.
B.breaking a "snap gauge" band.
C.experiencing severe depression after sexual activity.
D.adopting a spectator role during sexual activity.

9. What is the primary source of sexual excitement for sexual sadists?
A.the victim's suffering
B.a specific part of the victim's body
C.the use of leather to cause suffering
D.the intense pain they receive from their partner

10. A woman is perfectly capable of masturbating herself to orgasm, yet is unable to reach orgasm with a partner, either through sexual intercourse or through being masturbated. Most likely, this type of orgasmic disorder would be called

11. Which group of females has the highest frequency of female orgasmic disorder?
A.married women
B.single women living alone
C.single women living with someone
D.all of the above have about the same frequencies

12. In the United States, since the mid-20th century, the typical duration of sexual intercourse has
A.increased, as has the distress of those suffering from premature ejaculation.
B.increased, while the distress of those suffering from premature ejaculation has decreased.
C.decreased, while the distress of those suffering from premature ejaculation has increased.
D.decreased, as has the distress of those suffering from premature ejaculation.

13. Male orgasmic disorder has been linked to the use of
B.the "spectator role" by the man.
C.a and b.
D.neither a nor b.

14. What is the most common outcome of gender identity disorder in childhood?
A.It develops into pedophilia.
B.It disappears with no effects.
C.It is a precursor to transsexualism.
D.It is a precursor to transvestite fetishism.

15. What is thought to be the cause of vaginismus (the involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles)?
A.conditioning of a fear response
B.nervous system damage from diabetes
C.neurological damage in the cerebellum
D.a learned aversion to sexual behavior in general

16. Which of the following is not a DSM-IV diagnostic category?

17. A physical treatment program involving a minimum of psychological intervention most often would be used for which dysfunction?
A.orgasmic disorder
B.erectile dysfunction

18. Dr. Washington argues that voyeurism occurs as a result of the attempt to reduce fear of having the penis cut off, and is therefore found in males, not in females. Which theoretical perspective is Dr. Washington using?

19. Studies of patterns of teenage sexual behavior today compared to such behavior a generation ago show today's teens having
A.intercourse younger, and using condoms more.
B.intercourse younger, and using condoms less.
C.intercourse at about the same age, and using condoms more.
D.intercourse at about the same age, and using condoms less.

20. Which hormone can cause decreased sexual desire when present in either low or high levels?

21. A recently married, physically healthy man expresses great love for his new spouse, yet feels almost no sexual desire for her. One likely cause of his condition is
A.belief in a cultural double standard about women.
B.decreased testosterone output due to drinking on his wedding night.
C.increased estrogen output now that he has "settled down."
D.sexual molestation he experienced as a child.

22. In a very crowded department store during the Christmas rush, a woman suddenly feels a stranger rubbing his genital area against her thigh. He continues until the crowd begins to break up, then moves away. The most likely diagnosis for this man is
C.sexual masochism.

23. In psychoanalytic theory, the therapeutic goal in treating sexual dysfunction is
A.causing broad personality changes.
B.the systematic use of free association.
C.overcoming learned aversion to sexual material.
D.keeping a dream diary for dream interpretation.

24. If a woman had never experienced normal sexual functioning with her husband and had a problem with becoming aroused with him, but found she could be aroused with other men, the DSM-IV diagnosis would be
A.lifelong and situational.
B.acquired and situational.
C.lifelong and generalized.
D.acquired and generalized.

25. A person who once experienced normal to above normal levels of sexual desire recently has begun to feel much less than normal sexual desire. A sexual dysfunction following this pattern would be called what type?

26. To be classified as having hypoactive sexual desire, one would desire sex less than once
A.a week.
B.every two weeks.
C.a month.
D.a year.

27. If someone receives "modern" sex therapy, chances are that the course of therapy will last
A.no more than 20 sessions, and center on specific sexual problems.
B.more than 20 sessions, and center on specific sexual problems.
C.no more than 20 sessions, and deal with broad personality issues.
D.more than 20 sessions, and deal with broad personality issues.

28. One of the most problematic aspects of treating sexual dysfunctions is
A.the limited success possible.
B.the prevalence of myths and sexual ignorance.
C.the lack of available treatment programs for people with disorders.
D.the failure of patients with sexual dysfunctions to achieve a healthy transference.

29. Which of the following is a symptom of female sexual arousal disorder?
A.pain during penetration
B.lack of interest in sexual activity
C.inadequate lubrication during sexual activity
D.vaginal contractions that prevent penetration

30. The study of sexuality that led to a revolution in the field of sexual dysfunction and treatment was done by
B.Freud and Jung.
C.Masters and Johnson.
D.Friedman and LoPiccolo.

31. The campus "bra bandit" steals women's underwear from the campus laundry, then masturbates into the underwear. The most appropriate diagnosis would be
A.no diagnosis: the behavior falls within "normal" limits.
C.transvestic fetishism.
D.exhibitionistic fetishism.

32. A young woman who formerly had a fairly high sex drive, and who reports no new medical problems, nonetheless experiences an unexpected drop in sex drive. What would be an important question to ask her, before recommending some sort of psychotherapy?
A."Have you been exposed to high levels of testosterone lately?"
B."Have you recently started taking birth control pills?"
C."Have you recently stopped using marijuana?"
D."Have you experienced lower levels of prolactin lately?"

33. A person feels most comfortable wearing clothes preferred by the other gender, and says that something or somebody really screwed things up: The person strongly wishes to be the other gender, and is considering a surgical solution. The most likely diagnosis for this person is
B.sexual masochist.
C.sexual sadist.

34. Which of the following statements about modern sex therapy is most accurate?
A.most sex therapy deals directly with the person who has the dysfunction, and does not involve the person's sexual partner
B.most sex therapy involves only techniques useful for specific dysfunctions
C.the psychodynamic approach is still the one most often used
D.anxiety elimination and increasing communication skills are almost always included

35. DSM-IV recommends a diagnosis of paraphilia only when associated behaviors, fantasies, or urges last at least
A.six months.
B.one year.
C.two years.
D.three years.

36. Which is the least common sexual disorder in males?
A.sexual aversion
B.premature ejaculation
C.male orgasmic disorder
D.hypoactive sexual desire

37. Research shows that sexual dysfunctions among homosexual couples
A.are virtually nonexistent.
B.generally are more severe than among heterosexual couples.
C.include two distinct categories not included among heterosexual dysfunctions.
D.are the same as those seen in heterosexual couples.

38. A penile prosthesis may be used in the treatment of
A.erectile disorder.
B.sexual aversion.
C.premature ejaculation.
D.hypoactive sexual drive.

39. "Cross-dressing" is another term for
C.a and b.
D.neither a nor b.

40. Many people derive sexual arousal from watching others undress or have intercourse, but are not diagnosed as voyeurs because those whom voyeurs watch
A.are under the statutory age.
B.do not know they are being watched.
C.are sexually aroused as well because they know they are being watched.
D.are usually of the same sex as the voyeur.

41. Twin studies of homosexuality have demonstrated that the concordance rate for identical twins for homosexuality is about

42. A man's sexual partner repeatedly stimulates him to erection, then allows the erection to subside without the man experiencing an ejaculation. The sexual disorder being treated is
A.erectile disorder.
B.premature ejaculation.
C.a or b.
D.neither a nor b.

43. The event which is most likely to result in sexual aversion or hypoactive sexual desire is
A.sexual molestation.
B.the birth of a child.
C.infertility difficulties.
D.conflict in a relationship.

44. A man awakens after eight hours of normal sleep, and has an unbroken "snap gauge" band. There's a pretty good chance that the man has
A.not experienced nocturnal penile tumescence.
B.a case of socioculturally-related erectile disorder.
C.a case of psychologically-related erectile disorder.
D.a normal sex life.

45. Hypoactive sexual desire may include all of the following except
A.a low level of sexual activity.
B.finding sexual activity repulsive.
C.a lack of interest in sexual activity.
D.all of the above may be true of hypoactive sexual desire.

46. A client receives directed masturbation training and self-exploration instruction as part of the client's sex therapy. Most likely, the client is a
A.woman being treated for orgasmic disorder.
B.woman being treated for vaginismus.
C.man being treated for erectile dysfunction.
D.man being treated for premature ejaculation.

47. Terry has been diagnosed as having a paraphilia, specifically transvestic fetishism. Terry is most likely to be

48. Arnold cannot enjoy sexual intercourse unless he is tied up by his partner and beaten. His behavior is typical of
C.sexual sadism.
D.sexual masochism.

49. Which is the most common male sexual dysfunction in the orgasm phase?
B.sexual aversion
C.premature ejaculation
D.inhibited male orgasm

50. Which hormone can cause decreased sexual desire when present in low, but not high levels?

51. Which of the following is a sociocultural cause for male erectile disorder?
B.loss of a job.
C.mild depression.
D.performance anxiety.

52. The idea that both partners share the accountability for sexual dysfunction is known as
A.couples theory.
B.mutual responsibility.
C.nondemand pleasuring.
D.interactionary dysfunction.

53. During which period does pedophilia typically develop?
B.early adulthood
C.middle adulthood
D.late adulthood

54. What does the process of covert sensitization for fetishism involve?
A.masturbation while thinking of the fetish object
B.mentally pairing a fetish object with an aversive stimulus
C.pairing electric shock to the arm or leg with the fetish object
D.creating a hierarchy of arousing objects and teaching the patient to relax while thinking of each in turn

55. During which period does frotteurism typically develop?
B.early adulthood
C.middle adulthood
D.late adulthood

56. "Sensate focus" refers to the technique in which
A.sexual intercourse is encouraged daily.
B.eye contact is maintained during sexual activity.
C.the genitals are focused on during sexual activity.
D.the sexual repertoire is rebuilt, concentrating on pleasure.

57. An otherwise healthy individual reports almost no interest in sexual activity, and has had very few sexual experiences in the past several years. That person most likely is a
A.woman with hypoactive sexual desire.
B.man with hypoactive sexual desire.
C.woman with sexual aversion.
D.man with sexual aversion.

58. Symptoms of vaginismus always include
A.an inability to experience orgasm.
B.involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles.
C.a dislike for and distrust of sexual relationships.
D.all of the above.

59. If grandma is 90 and healthy, what is the percent chance she still masturbates at least occasionally?
A.less than 1%
B.about 10%
C.about 20%
D.over 20%

60. The current view of homosexuality by the psychiatric community is that it
A.co-occurs with transsexualism.
B.develops from transvestic fetishism.
C.is a variant of normal sexual behavior.
D.is preceded by childhood gender identity disorder.

61. A man derives sexual arousal from dressing in women's clothing. Most likely, that person would be diagnosed as
A.normal and healthy.
B.an exhibitionist.
C.a transvestite.
D.a homosexual.

62. A man being treated for a fetish to women's hats first obtains an erection from looking at women's hats, then begins to masturbate while looking at a picture of a nude woman. At the moment of orgasm, he makes sure to be looking at the picture of the nude woman. The behavioral approach being used is
A.covert sensitization.
B.masturbatory satiation.
C.orgasmic reorientation.
D.relapse-prevention training.

63. If an individual had experienced normal sexual functioning for years and gradually developed a problem with becoming aroused under any conditions, the DSM-IV diagnosis would be
A.lifelong and situational.
B.acquired and situational.
C.lifelong and generalized.
D.acquired and generalized.

64. The recurrent sexual fantasies and urges to act on fantasies that exhibitionists experience are most similar to
B.bipolar disorder.
C.psychophysiological disorder.
D.obsessive-compulsive disorders.

65. In females, the labia swell during which phase of the sexual response cycle?

66. Sexual aversion is considered a disorder of which phase of the human sexual response cycle?

67. The technique of having a client with pedophilia identify situations in which he performs the inappropriate behavior and teaching more appropriate coping strategies is called
A.aversion therapy.
B.masturbatory satiation.
C.orgasmic reorientation.
D.relapse prevention training.

68. Erectile disorder may be treated with all of the following except
B.penile prosthesis.
C.a vacuum erection device.

69. Surveys show that women agree more strongly than men with which of the following statements?
A."One-night stands are degrading."
B."My sexual partner's pleasure is more important than my own."
C.a and b
D.neither a nor b

70. The first step of the directed masturbation technique for female arousal and orgasmic disorders is
B.learning about her body.
C.oral stimulation by a partner.
D.intercourse followed by masturbation.

71. In the past, two types of female orgasm were mistakenly distinguished: __________ orgasm and __________ orgasm.


72. The procedure of constructing a functioning penis in a sex change operation is called __________.


73. A vacuum erection device sometimes is used to treat __________ in males.


74. Sexual sadism and sexual masochism fantasies usually first appear during __________.


75. The sex hormones, __________ and __________, influence the sex drives of men and women.


76. The time of life during which transvestic fetishism usually appears is in __________.


77. Masters and Johnson state that sexual disorders are often maintained because during intercourse one or both partners adopt a spectator role or have crippling fears about __________.


78. The disorder __________ usually disappears by age 25.


79. In sex therapy, __________ refers to the belief that both partners in a relationship share the sexual problem.


80. The __________ orientation treats sexual dysfunction with relaxation and systematic desensitization.


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